France ‘fake-news law’ courts censorship controversy 9 April, 2019 With the ink not yet dry, France’s anti-fake news law is already embroiled in controversy — underscoring the global debate about who should judge what is harmful online behavior.

Cyber-censorship in Norway | Trails Sep 13, 2017 The Ultimate Guide to Internet Censorship Jul 17, 2019 The dangerous liberal ideas for censorship in the United Censorship works in a country much like the coronavirus. Initially, you feel better from silencing those views that you consider lies. Then comes the crash as others demand more and more

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Internet Censorship and Surveillance in Russia”, published today, RSF traces the development of internet censorship in Russia since the mass protests against Vladimir Putin in 2011/12. It documents the large number of laws adopted since then which are intended to ban certain content, increase monitoring of data traffic and make anonymous Internet Censorship Archives - National Coalition Against Jun 16, 2020 Say No to Online Censorship! | Electronic Frontier Foundation

History of freedom of press and censorship in France

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