4 Ways to Access Blocked Sites Without Using Proxies or VPNs. Using A VPN or proxies is not the only means to access blocked websites. Continue reading the article to get an idea about the alternate ways using which users can easily open blocked sites without proxy.

Using Proxy web sites for accessing blocked web sites is one of the common method used. Below are some of the common proxy websites. I picked some 50 worthy websites for your concern. A Proxy site is a web page that allows us to browse our favorite web sites, even though the access to those web sites might be blocked by a content filter and cannot be viewed. 5 Ways to Access Blocked Websites - wikiHow Jan 08, 2020 How to Unblock Blocked Websites Without a Proxy | Techwalla To begin using Happy VPN's service, decide whether you need a monthly or a three-month account. Select and pay for the account plan of your choice. Complete the application installation upon being prompted. Afterward you can unblock websites without a proxy … What Is Geo Blocking (How To Bypass Geo Restrictions Dec 04, 2018

Jul 19, 2018

Below are some of the ways to unblock and access the websites that are blocked. I wrote the steps in simple way, hope it is helpful for ethical purposes. Earlier we saw how to block websites without using any software. 1. Redirect the Site using Short URL. You can convert your blocked URL into a short URL, so that it may help you bypass the Mar 25, 2013 · Today , I Will Show You How to Access Blocked Websites Easily Without Using Any Type of Proxy or Anything . As All People May Know that YouTube is Banned In Pakistan But Many Pakistanis Wish to Open it But they have to do large task to open a website . In This Article We Will Show you easiest & Simples method to Access Blocked Websites Easily . Aug 01, 2019 · However, there are always ways around any obstacle. This post focuses on the most common, effective, and legal means of how to get access to blocked websites. The access to a website got restricted. If you realize you cannot visit your favorite website anymore, please, control your feelings and try to find out what exactly is wrong.

For individuals who want the advantages a proxy offers—hiding their IP address and being able to get around blocked websites—a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the new way to go. You can learn more about VPNs, and why they're a superior alternative to a proxy server and proxy, by visiting our Hide IP page.

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