38 hours ago the internet stopped working. Virgin acknowledged a problem in area. Later sent a text saying it was fixed but mine wasn’t working. Telephone message said problem was taking longer than they expected. 1.5 hour later ago I was told it would be back on 15 minutes from then. Still not on .

Virgin Mobile down? Current outages and problems @alanmayeruk @virginmedia The mobile especially virgin to virgin is very poor and has been for a while now, if I call any virgin mobile the calls always drop, broadband signal has slightly stabilised but it’s so weak, I’m in a flat and it won’t ever reach the bedroom or hall, I’ve had to purchase extender How Virgin Media plans to solve your broadband problems Mar 31, 2020 Answered: Virgin Broadband and Sky Q - Sky Community

Jun 25, 2020

Virgin Media is having problems in UK - now fixed. Tuesday, April 28, 2020 11:17 AM; 54 comments; Identifying outages when large chunks of the UK appear to be still online for a provider is not straightforward, but looking at the data we have since 5pm on 27th April 2020 for Virgin Media there appears to be people both offline based on social media responses and a higher than usual number of

How do I check my service status? | Virgin Media

Virgin Media broadband customer service contacts How to contact Virgin Media customer services and technical support. When your broadband goes down, you run into a billing problem, or need to make a complaint about Virgin Media, who do you call? In this guide we’ll explain where to go to get help from Virgin, including customer service and … Virgin Media is having problems in some areas | thinkbroadband