Norton Antivirus is Symantec's full version antivirus program. Norton Security Scan is offered by Symantec & Google and is a free version of Norton's popular antivirus, however, it does not

How long does a deep scan usually take? | Webroot Community Because scanning the Mounted drives will take days. Scanning Time Machine backups can take an extremely long time due to the way that apple backs up the information. Webroot does certain kinds of traces that will open every single binary on the disk to make sure it is safe, this however can take a really long time on Time Machine. How long does a full system virus scan take? | Yahoo Answers Dec 11, 2006 How do i launch norton antivirus

Apr 22, 2011 · So I started a full scan last night after installation (don't know why I didn't have it already, its been on all my PC's and laptops before) and it's still running, going on 13+ hours, which I think the timing is wrong because I started the scan around this time, anywhere from 1am-3am, so thats weird too.

Dec 16, 2017 · McAfee will scan all the storage during the Full Scan including Time machine/Capsule, External Hard drives. I would suggest you to turn off Time machine, Remove all external storage and check the scan time. You can split the scan by initiate a Full scan without any external storage and Time Machine.

How long does a norton antivirus scan take to complete

How long does Norton Virus Scanner Take? | AnandTech Sep 04, 2003 Why does Norton virus scan take so long? | Yahoo Answers Jan 07, 2008 how long does it take to run a full norton security scan