In the example below, the model number of the device is WRT54G ver.6. NOTE: For WRT1900AC, the model number is located on the front panel, below the Linksys logo. Silver. Step 1: Look at the back panel of the router when it is standing vertically. Step 2: You can find the model and serial number on the sticker at the back.

How Do I Locate the Model and Version Number on My Router? Note: If there is no version number following the model number, then you have a version 1 router. Sample 1: How do I adjust the settings of my home router? Oct 07, 2019 How to identify what router you have - Quora If you use WiFi, then I would recommend installing an app called Fing on your phone or tablet. The easiest way without having to manually locate and read the back panel of a device is to use Fing. It will list all of your devices using your WiFi i

How Do I Locate the Model and Version Number on My Router?

Aug 17, 2017 · Recently got my internet changed to AT&T U-verse and had to setup my wireless router that is build into the DSL modem. I walk you through how to change the routers main password, Network SSID and Nov 03, 2017 · Lastly, finding your router’s password can be as simple as accessing You pick the brand of your router, and the site will give you a list of model numbers associated with that brand. Once you match up your router to one of the listed model numbers, it’s as simple as using the login information provided. Reset your There is a modem in the basement for the telephone only and a modem & router upstairs at the other end of the cable for the PC and WiFi. The clicking was upstairs. Modem: ubee D3.0 model U10C035 Router: Netgear Wireless N Router WNR 2000 I have a Compact Wireless-G broadband router, model no. WRT54GC version 2. I've been trying to register the product on this site, but there's no way of entering the correct version (2). Version 1 is the only choice given (no way of entering it manually). I emailed Linksys about it twice (HappyToH

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Nov 28, 2016 · If SP appears after the version number, for example WGR614v9SP, then the model is specific to an Internet service provider (ISP). If you want technical support for an SP model, you must contact your ISP. To view images of model numbers by product type, visit the NETGEAR Support website and click the Find Your Model Number link.