I have a packet loss issue too from the last 4 days and it is a huge issue. the game runs smooth but can't pick items properly. I play on SEA server and I m from India and using JIO network Message 5 of 7 (4,813 Views)

Dec 13, 2018 · Packet loss occurs when packets (pieces of data) making their way through a network fail to get to the receiving end. In most cases, this results in the loss of some of the transferred information through a network. For instance, a VoIP call might have parts of the entire message missing. Nov 15, 2009 · Then, I checked for packet loss through Windows 10 cmd and on https://packetlosstest.com/ and got random packet losses. It's not persistent, it can range from 0% - 90% packet loss. I had 3 technicians over. They tested my network through their equipment and said there is NO packet loss and there is nothing they can do. Dec 29, 2019 · In simple terms though, packet loss is data lost during a specific transmission, leading to a slower connection than usual and reduced reliability of communication between your network and local and remote devices. Plus, it may affect your CPU load by increasing it in order to process the extra network overhead. Packet loss is the failure of one or more transmitted packets to arrive at their destination. This event can cause noticeable effects in all types of digital communications. Packet loss is commonly seen occurring on a congested network. By “congested network”, we are actually referring to the networks that are trying to carry data beyond their capabilities. When this happens, packet drops are bound to occur.

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