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The focus of this course is safe and skillful application of the manipulation techniques taught in the class. The class features a full day of spinal manipulation lab training of the lumbar, cervical and thoracic areas plus 4 weeks of online didactic learning prior to learning techniques.

Word family (noun) manipulation manipulator (adjective) manipulative (verb) manipulate From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Hospital manipulate ma‧nip‧u‧late / məˈnɪpjəleɪt / AWL verb [ transitive ] 1 USE A PERSON to make someone think and behave exactly as you want them to, by skilfully deceiving or

Internet manipulation refers to the co-optation of digital technology, such as social media algorithms and automated scripts, for commercial, social or political purposes. Such tactics may be employed with the explicit intent to manipulate public opinion, polarise citizens, [2] silence political dissidents, harm corporate or political Dec 23, 2018 · And we argue that by subverting another person’s decision-making power, manipulation undermines his or her autonomy. Given that respect for individual autonomy is a bedrock principle of liberal democracy, the threat of online manipulation is a cause for grave concern. Dec 19, 2019 · Online technology can manipulate us without compromising our autonomy. It is plausible that manipulation is compatible with autonomy, and that autonomy-loss can come by other means than manipulation. Hence, the MAL view of online technology, and Susser et al.’s argument that depends on it, fail. Internet subcultures take advantage of the current media ecosystem to manipulate news frames, set agendas, and propagate ideas. Far-right groups develop techniques of “attention hacking” to increase the visibility of their ideas through the strategic use of social media, memes, and bots—as well as by targeting journalists, bloggers, and influencers to help spread content.