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DNS Server Types | Cloudflare The authoritative nameserver is usually the resolver’s last step in the journey for an IP address. The authoritative nameserver contains information specific to the domain name it serves (e.g. and it can provide a recursive resolver with the IP address of that server found in the DNS A record, Authoritative vs. Recursive DNS Servers: What’s The Jul 17, 2013 What is the difference between authoritative and recursive

Configure Authoritative Name Server Using BIND on CentOS 7

Name server - Wikipedia An authoritative name server can either be a primary server (master) or a secondary server (slave). A primary server for a zone is the server that stores the definitive versions of all records in that zone. It is identified by start-of-authority (SOA) resource record. A secondary server for a zone uses an automatic updating mechanism to What Is Authoritative DNS Server? - ClouDNS Blog Apr 08, 2020

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