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Why Swiss banks are still popular among Indians despite being under government scanner The secrecy in Swiss banks is so deep that the rich with undisclosed, untaxed slush funds still consider them to be safer than banks in other tax havens.

To assist Volcker the Swiss Government lifted, for five years, Swiss Bank Secrecy Laws. During the latter half of 1997 the Swiss began to publish names of Holocaust-Era dormant accounts. Eventually, in August of 1998, the Swiss Banks agreed to a $1.25 billion out of court settlement. Jun 11, 2008 · Swiss banks and their accounts are popular in the United States first because they are over-seas, thus making electronic hacking "slightly" more difficult. Second, they have the policy that privacy and non-disclosure is one of the most basic fundamentals in a democracy, which translates into their banking system as well.

This is said to be the most valuable item that has ever been stored within a Swiss Bank vault and it was originally painted in 1480 by Leonardo da Vinci. Security You Can Count On. Swiss Banks are notoriously tight with security and make it a priority. The highest levels of security and secrecy can be found in Swiss banks.

Jan 27, 2016 The Dirty Secrets of Swiss Banking - CBS News Feb 19, 2009