"G"-Alert ping "V"-Retreat ping. Just pressing these will ping regularly, when holding them down you open the smart ping menu where you can choose specific ping commands. If you alert on a gem it will tell your team what type of gem it is. Likewise if you ping a tower it …

Here's how to get lower ping for online gaming - CNET The SpeedOf.me speed test is another good option that includes a latency measurement, and if you'd like, SpeedSmart's speed test lets you measure the ping to servers all over the globe. League of Legends: How to Use Smart Pings to Win Games Riot has expanded the Smart Ping system to allow players to ping their spell cooldowns, jungle timers, and even gold and item status by alt-clicking the user HUD. The original smart pings (Danger, Enemy Missing, etc) are still important to use, but the ‘pingable’ HUD allows players to communicate their game state with more nuance than ever How to Run a League of Legends Ping Test | Ping Testing Tool Oct 10, 2017

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