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Help Center Support Wizard Internet My internet connection seems slow. Back Support Wizard To help improve your internet connection speed, start with our Automated Troubleshooting tool. Log in to begin and let us refresh your equipment. If you can’t log in, you can reboot your Frontier router, gateway or modem manually: Web Pages Load Slow, but I have Fast Internet. Why? | www Infopackets Reader Paul H. writes: " Dear Dennis, I recently upgraded my Internet connection speed through my Internet Service Provider, and I now have 60MB broadband service. As I expected, I have really fast downloads and web pages load lightening fast. However, some websites are considerably slower than I would expect, even slower than before the upgrade. How to Fix a Really Slow iPad - Gazelle The Horn Apr 30, 2015 Why is my internet so slow? - SLOW INTERNET ADVISOR

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10 Shit-Easy Ways to Fix Slow Internet on Windows 10 - Saint Just a little note/heads-up. Setting the autotuning feature to disabled actually slowed my internet down. It cut my 500Mbps connection down to 250 or so. After turning autotuning back on, my speed went back up to its usual 500. So make sure you do a speed test after applying this tweak to see if it actually has a benefit for you. Reply Safari for iPhone and iPad running slow? Here's how to

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