China's form of government is a communist state known as a People's Republic. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the leading political party in China. Unlike parties in Western democracies, CCP is a tightly organized political force that controls and leads society at all levels.

World Report 2019: China | Human Rights Watch China’s estimated 12 million Roman Catholics are divided between an underground community that pledges allegiance to the Pope and a government-run association where bishops are state appointed. How China Is Using Facial Recognition Technology : NPR Dec 16, 2019 Overview of United States Government - ThoughtCo

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10 Astounding Facts About Human Rights Violations in China Jul 11, 2018 EDUCATION IN CHINA - OECD overview of how China’s education system is organised and operates, and how reforms, both past and current, have reshaped education in China over time. The report then examines in greater detail education in the four economies within China that participated in PISA 2015. It provides the context in which China’s participation in PISA – and its

Apr 03, 2020

What is the state system and government system of China? The government system of China is the system of people’s congress. All power in the People's Republic of China belongs to the people. The National People's Congress and the local people's congresses at various levels are the organs through which the people exercise state power. Hong Kong government told to expand welfare system as