Feb 21, 2020

Chrome is not just a web browser, rather an array of applications that let us perform several functions inside the browser itself. Despite all this, Chrome is not 100% bug free and may behave Fix Chrome won’t open or launch on Windows 10 PC Sep 12, 2018 [Solved] Google Chrome Has Stopped Working

Sep 20, 2019

Nov 20, 2018

Google down? Realtime status, issues and outages

Sep 22, 2018 Fix: Can’t set Chrome as default browser Windows 10 Mar 31, 2020 YouTube Not Working On Chrome? Here's The Fix! Step 1 : Open Google Chrome, go to Top-Right corner and click on the three-dot icon right next to the user icon. Now go to Help and click on About Google Chrome. Step 2 : In this section, you can see if an update is pending for Google Chrome. You can click on it and let it update. 6 Ways to Fix Google Chrome has Stopped Working - ValidEdge By applying changes to the properties of Google Browser, the fix to the issue of Google Chrome Keeps not Responding issue can resolve. The steps can be lined as follows: Step 1- At First, Right-click on the Chrome icon. Step 2- Then Click on Properties.