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Recent version of DD-WRT; 120 kbytes/s up and 2mbytes/down; Traffic limited to about 80% of stated speed, so about 100kbytes/sec; HFSC enabled but no traffic rules. Observed behaviour: Traffic is indeed limited to about 80kb/s. Ping at full saturation is still low. Problem scenario: Say User 1 …

May 21, 2011 #3543 (QoS cosmetic: remove or fix "LAN max") – DD-WRT When you use your router in a Client mode or WDS bridge mode then you can not shape your traffic through WAN port but through LAN&WLAN port. Traffic shaping is done on layer2 level and it is done by ebtables? Right? Than LAN MAX settings make sence when u use netmask priority if you want to limit someone in LAN. How can I limit a guest’s bandwidth on my WiFi router?

If you'd like a more comprehensive setup (for example, to guarantee prioritized traffic to VoIP), DD-WRT's supports setting up QoS rules directly via its user interface. Look here: Quality Of Service. This link from the tc creators provides a great overview of traffic shaping using their tool, which is worth a read:

Example1: Traffic Prioritizing with PRIO Example2: plain simple bandwidth sharing (aka traffic shaping) with HTB Example3: traffic shaping and prioriziting for multiple users with HFSC Using DD-WRT for Bandwidth Control - YouTube May 30, 2011 Weekend Project: Configuring QoS for Linux Routers Jul 16, 2010 Quality of Service - DD-WRT Wiki