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Ashley Furniture: From One Idea to 700 3D Printed Parts in Today, about two years and an additional printer later, there are 700 3D printed parts at work on Ashley Furniture’s factory floor in Arcadia, Wisconsin, right alongside industrial robots and CNC milling workhorses, from assembly to fabrication. 3D Printed Furniture? – Interior Design, Design News and Sep 14, 2017 BigRep 3D printer can print whole pieces of furniture - CNET

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Dec 25, 2017 French Company, Drawn, is Now 3D Printing Entire Furniture The Galatea 3D Printer and 3D printed Furniture on hand at Maker Faire Paris When most people think of 3D printing, they picture small objects, no larger than the size of a basketball. This is How 3D Printing Is Turning the Furniture Business Upside Designer Dirk Vander Kooij can create furniture with his 3D printer, dubbed Furoc, within a three hour time span. That’s incredibly faster than the time it takes to make non-printed furniture, and it’s even 40 times faster than most 3D printers. This speed will change furniture …