Turns Your USB Drive into NAS The Linksys NSLU2 connects up to two USB storage devices to your 10/100M Ethernet network for convenient file sharing. Built-in Disk Utilities The Linksys NSLU2 features built-in browser-based disk utilities for format, scandisk and backup applications so that management of your network storage is easier than ever.

Download NSLU for free. This project contains software for 'personalizing' the NSLU2 network storage device, manufactured by Linksys. None of this material was written or contributed by Linksys. You can setup a NSLU2 in your LAN in two ways. If you have a Windows Desktop in your LAN, you can make use of the NSLU2 installation CD provided by Linksys. Just follow the steps on the Linksys manual in your box. Aug 13, 2004 · The Linksys NSLU2 Network Storage Link functions as an adapter for your network, letting you connect and remove USB flash and hard drives as needed. It works with a variety of off-the-shelf USB Jun 27, 2006 · The Linksys NSLU2 falls into the category of NAS adapters and has many advantages. The drives attached to the NSLU2 can be swapped out, upgraded, and attached directly to PCs (or Macs) for faster

Techdata: Linksys NSLU2. This device is NOT RECOMMENDED for future use with OpenWrt due to low flash/ram. DO NOT BUY DEVICES WITH 4MB FLASH / 32MB RAM if you intend to flash an up-to-date and secure OpenWrt version (18.06 or later) onto it! See 4/32 warning for details.

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Sep 19, 2006 Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Cisco-Linksys Storage Link The Linksys NSLU2 is an inexpensive Network Attached Storage server. Essentially, it's a tiny box with an Ethernet port and two high-speed USB connectors. You connect it to your LAN, attach one or two external USB drives to it, format the drives and configure the shared storage using the built-in web server. Talk:NSLU2 - Wikipedia