The digestive system includes the stomach, esophagus, large and small intestines, pancreas, liver, colon, bowel (Internet: Types of digestive system diseases). Digestive tract diseases can also be referred to as gastrointestinal tract diseases.

There are many different types of imaging tests used to diagnose diseases of the digestive system.. Computed Tomography (CT Scan) A CT scan, computed tomography, takes multiple X-rays of the body Animals need food for energy and growth. To use the food they eat, they must change it into a form that the body can use. This process is called digestion. The different organs, or body parts, that are involved in this process make up the digestive system. The digestive system is a kind of processing plant inside the body. It pulls in food and pushes it through organs and structures where the processing happens. The fuels we need are extracted, and the digestive system discards the rest. A comprehensive database of more than 77 digestive system quizzes online, test your knowledge with digestive system quiz questions. Our online digestive system trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top digestive system quizzes.

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