Subscription type Who can cancel; Subscriptions created when you sign up for Azure through the Azure website. For example, when you sign up for an Azure Free Account, account with pay-as-you-go rates or as a Visual studio subscriber.: Account administrator and owners of the subscription

How do I cancel my subscription? – Soundtrap Support 2. Click Cancel subscription. Your subscription page shows the date when your subscription will expire. Subscribed through another company Soundtrap is not able to help you cancel your subscription if you've subscribed through another company (e.g. iTunes, Google Play Store), since they manage your subscription and payments. Cancel Subscription - DocuSign Support Center You can easily ( close your account from within the DocuSign application.*You can also Stripe API Reference - Cancel a subscription

Cancel a Subscription - Photomyne FAQ

Cancel subscription - The New York Times Web page to cancel a digital subscription with The New York Times Help: Cancel Subscribe with Amazon Subscriptions You can cancel a subscription at any time, with no early termination fees. For subscriptions with a renewal period longer than one month, new subscribers are eligible for a full refund if they cancel within 7 days of purchase. Access to the subscription is removed as soon as a refund is issued.

Nov 28, 2019

How can I cancel my Epic membership? – Epic Help Center Click ‘Manage’ (next to Subscription Status) Click on ‘Cancel Subscription’ If you don’t see ‘Cancel Subscription’, you’ll be prompted to log in at to cancel (because that’s where you subscribed initially). Please note you must be signed in with the account that you used to subscribe to Epic. Epic Website Cancel Subscription - Mouse Sensitivity Community If you signed up with Paypal: Go here and click "View Details" on the active subscription. Then click the "Cancel" button in the top right. If you signed up with credit card, Alipay, Apple Pay or Google Pay: Go here, click "Manage" on the active subscription then "Cancel renewals".. If you cannot see any subscription in these two locations, go to the preapproved payments on your Paypal account